In the land of the insane, the mad themselves are the wise, and are thus the best guides.

Helen Pike. 'The harlot's press' 2011

Vulture mind

Natalie McDonagh. 'Vulture mind' 2013. Paper collage: found images and text

Clothed in literature, her façade of self-possession belies her madness. Or perhaps the façade of self-possession is the madness …? Calm acquiescence to vulture mind scavenging off itself.

Vulture mind picking off tissue of the poetic, the philosophic, the aesthetic, the tenuous tendrils of tenderness keeping us tethered to the world, to each other.

Ever circling. Never flapping. Waiting. Watching patiently.

Old World vulture mind finding carcasses exclusively by sight; New World vulture mind sniffing out its carcasses of dead dreams, of desiccated spirits about to expire, starved of what keeps the soul alive.

Preying mind. Praying mind.

Let us pray for the mind that preys on itself.

Artist’s Note

In the Artfulmind lab is a black portfolio. On occasion I add to its contents – a series of Surrealist collages I have been making over time. I am a great gleaner of found images and text. I make in the traditional way, by hand with scalpel and tape and glue.

I am captivated by the artistic alchemy of collage; a magic in which mind becomes able to accommodate the tension that arises for me in my practice, witnessing the dis/appearance of particular aspects of mind in our society – especially in organisational life. This is one such personal visual / verbal meditation.