Brain box is a unique system of guided thinking. Designed to maximise individual and collective creativity within groups, it optimises the inventiveness and viability of ideas and strategies that emerge. By activating the mind’s extraordinary (yet typically under-used) capacity for complex visual, verbal and somatic knowing, Brain box radically expands our thinking repertoire. It can be applied to any situation and is particularly useful for innovation and strategic planning. One Brain box is suitable for use by 1-8 people.

Unique collection of artefacts (that may vary from those shown).
Set of 60 double-sided cards 95x135mm focusing on: People, Project, Path + Detailed instructions for group use. All printed in full colour. Archival quality, durable card box with multiple compartments and removable tray / Lid and base have printed stickers and lining.
Dimensions 280x280x150mm

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