HANDBOOK / The Inclusive Leader

An invaluable tool for developing the mindful presence, holistic thinking and considered action that are the determining characteristics of an inclusive leader.

This comprehensive handbook was created by Deborah May and Dr Natalie McDonagh as an integral part of The May Group's organisational development programs, The Inclusive Leader (2017). While a book cannot evoke the experience of a facilitated session it can still engage mind, heart and body through diverse and divergent means: research; stories; case studies; thought provoking exercises; mindfulness training; intellectual learning and self-inquiry.

Becoming a truly inclusive leader requires integrating self-awareness, an intellectual understanding of what inclusion is plus direct experience of how it feels. The content is organised in four sections: Organisational culture; Bias and the brain; Mindful presence; Considered action.

170 pages 100gsm paper / All pages numbered for easy reference / Front cover heavy card / Back cover sturdy Kraft board / White wire binding. Dimensions 250x190x15mm

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