You may know that during her Adventures in Wonderland Alice asked herself, ‘What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations? I like to think Artfulmind journals would meet with her approval.

The 3 journals in the series - Lead, Reflect, Think - each have ample blank pages and different content throughout designed to engage, delight, prompt self-reflection, provoke new thinking, amuse, inspire, exercise your creativity.

Originally $35 when I first designed and published them in an earlier phase of my practice, I am now asking $10 simply to cover postage. I would love the copies I still have on hand to go out and do their work in the world, nurturing minds and hearts, rather than go to recycling.

150 pages 100gsm paper / Content printed in black and white / Front cover heavy card printed full colour / Back cover sturdy Kraft board / Wire binding. Dimensions 210x150x15mm

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