AMULET Found/Melded #1

Traditionally, amulets are an ornament or small piece of jewellery that give protection against evil, danger, or disease. In my contemporary interpretation these amulets embody the power we have as humans to pay attention to what is, and remain open to redeeming discarded things - be it actual objects, a situation of our making, parts of our mind and hearts we may have abandoned. I hold with the Zen idea that the mind of the maker can be met in the made object. May our meeting of minds be enriching and fruitful.

In June 2021 I attended a sculptural jewellery workshop with maker Magdalena Pillai. As is my wont, I was drawn to fossick through bits and pieces in her workshop kit - discards, overlooked scraps, demonstrations and abandoned attempts from previous workshops.

I was moved to make a series of four amulets through carefully gleaning and melding found items into a new whole that honours the humble and hidden. My method of making is a material meditation; being present to what is, the nature and logic of the medium, and what may emerge in the creative process.

Amulet: Found brass piece beaten, brushed, stamped and engraved. Copper wire. Dimensions 110 x 50mm. Adjustable suede thong: 500mm. Comes in wool felt pouch.

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