BOOK FOR YOU #2 Lovely

I make each BOOK FOR YOU in small batches in my studio - each one unique, like you. Theses books are designed as tools for you to actively care for your marvellous mind in different ways.

BOOK FOR YOU #2 Lovely and its set of reflection cards are pure refreshment for mind and heart. Crafted as a gentle restorative space (free of doom and gloom) where you can check-in with yourself, find out how you actually are in any given moment, and consider what you may need to keep your mind and heart well.

The set of cards carries 12 prompts designed to set your mind in motion along a line of self-inquiry. Mixed in with the book's blank pages are creative snacks - pictures and poetry I love, a favourite mindfulness meditation attending to the breath, and a few other things.

A4 wire bound, hand made work book. No two books are exactly alike. Approx. 60-70 pages (my counting can vary). Set of 6 double-sided reflection cards housed inside the book. Mixture of content and blank pages.
ISBN 978-0-6450994-2-3

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