CARDS / Reflect

Reflect enables the mind to creatively contemplate events and personal experience; gain insight into self and situation; formulate new courses of action. It can be used in professional and/or personal situations. Reflect takes a holistic view your self and situation. You are playing a role in creating and shaping a situation. In turn, the situation is shaping how you are thinking and acting.

Reflect is designed for use by individuals and groups, and in 1:1 work such as coaching. Also available as a kit with accompanying journal containing exercises.

Rich collection of carefully crafted questions, choice quotes, prompts to think through the body, contemplative photographic images.
Set of 50 cards 95x135mm + instruction pamphlet. Both printed in full colour.
Wool felt pouch: Chocolate + Rust lining / Cotton tape closure.
Pack dimensions 200x120x35mm

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