MEDITATION MALA / Precious Moment

Precious Moment meditation malas are everyday tools to aid mindfulness. These are simple, effective devices to help you be in the present moment, connect to the body and breath, find calm, and meet whatever you are experiencing in that moment with equanimity.

Each mala has seven segments which correspond to seven brief statements. Together these form a short, focused, distilled meditation practice. The malas are designed to carry with you for use at anytime during the day.

Like you, each Artfulmind meditation mala is unique. The beads, pieces of jewellery, and small objects that form the malas have been collected, found, gifted to me over decades. Some are antique, some are modern, most are handmade by skilled artisans. They come from places far and wide, some no longer marked on a map.


Precious Moment Mala #89 + Booklet with instructions and pages for notes + Handmade wool felt pouch / Dimensions: 200x120x30mm + 1:1 online session with Dr Natalie McDonagh

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